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We’re building a platform that enables everyone to buy from people they trust

Our values

Freedom & ownership

Work in the way that enables you to deliver the best results. You choose your hours, where you work, the meetings you attend and the amount of holiday to take in order to create the most value and be at your best.


We see mastery as the intersection between passion and skills – we invest in helping everyone discover theirs and develop a plan to work towards it.

We quite like each other...

...and we get privileged access to the best
events in the world to enjoy together

A week away

High performing teams create the best outcomes, which requires trust and connection. Becoming a bigger company with offices in different parts of the world makes this harder, so we spend a week away as a whole company to counter this. It’s work as usual but from somewhere inspiring and there’s loads of activities to enjoy – from yoga and dancing, to cooking and wine tasting.

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How engaged do you feel in the work you do?

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Average 9.00
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