High-performing. Inclusive. Technical.

The Engineering team works across several cross-functional groups. Together, we’re building a product which enables others to harness their passion and share great experiences.

We take pride in enabling a better alternative to traditional advertising that doesn’t take advantage of selling people’s data, but instead offers a buying experience that’s authentic.

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This Is How
We Work


Mastery & Coaching

We help team members harness their passion to solve problems using technology. Every quarter we run Mastery coaching sessions to help engineers identify what they care about, and co-create a plan to grow towards that utilising training budgets.


An Inclusive Environment

We want to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. We’ve invested in an objective hiring, evaluation and promotion process, including full pay transparency across all roles. In Engineering, we‘ve built a blameless culture that fosters collaboration, learning and continuous feedback.


Total Transparency

Teams perform best when given autonomy and ownership over solving problems. Transparent access to context and information empowers those values, so everyone participates in setting company objectives in a bottom-up process.

There’s no single enforced one way of working – teams agree on their own norms in a way that allows everyone to hold themselves accountable.


Freedom and ownership

The best outcomes happen when people don’t have to choose between work and life. We use our offices and well-established communication tools for collaboration, but are mindful of each others’ time too. We design schedules to be a friend, partner and teammate to our colleagues.


Tools and Systems

We strive to use the right tools for every job. Our technology stack uses Python 3 and Django backend, with a GraphQL API Gateway and React UI services.

We like to stay on the cutting edge, so we’ve used GraphQL for the last two years as well as established ecosystems such as Django. We ship new features to our micro-services infrastructure in Heroku at least once a day, and invest in automated testing to support that.

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