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The Product team is comprised of talented planners, problem solvers, user focused designers and researchers – with each individual given the opportunity to directly influence and inform  decisions affecting the core verticals of the business. Working closely with other teams such as Marketing, Business Intelligence and Engineering, the Product team utilises a combination of data, qualitative research and instinct to evolve projects, and processes.

A passion for problem solving, a curious critical eye, and a strong creative vision are essential attributes for success within the Product team. In return, Product offers a chance to make a significant impact to the success of a rapidly evolving platform.

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This Is How
We Work


Our Approach

The Product team contains Product Owners, Product Designers, and Researchers who work together with Engineering to solve problems through technology. We value outcomes over outputs – it’s not just about delivering functionality, but delivering value along with elegantly crafted solutions.

While we care about launching functionality, we care more about results. We consider the end-to-end customer journey and we individually ensure customers experience true surprise and delight.


Our Team

The Product team look for passionate, highly motivated individuals who thrive on uncertainty, learn quickly and make sound decisions by using a mixture of data, qualitative research and hard-won knowledge.

We want incredible communicators, impressive organisers and talented designers who can lead their multi-disciplinary teams through a clear vision, while distilling complexity.


Our work

The Product team has a huge direct impact on the global business, and with that comes a large amount of autonomy. That autonomy allows us to bring together different disciplines, solve complex problems and strategise best solutions within a creative, collaborate and high-performing environment.

Our company and team is growing at an incredible place, and we’re dedicated to supporting our culture of creative collaboration as we scale.

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Product & Design