Verve Events

Verve Events is the global market leader in word-of-mouth sales in the live entertainment industry. We use networks of advocates to sell products and experiences to their friends in exchange for rewards such as free tickets and backstage passes. 

Verve is trusted by over 500 events around the world in over 40 countries and integrates directly with partners such as Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Paylogic and Front Gate Tickets.

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Pollen is a community of influential young people who are passionate about sharing the best events. We handpick Members and, through our tools and support, make it easy for them to share their passion.

Pollen launched in January 2018 and has already worked with leading venues and events across the UK.

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Verve Travel

Verve Travel is the largest collegiate travel company in North America, having sold $60M in travel experiences to college students since 2010. Over 500,000 students have traveled with us to over 75 destinations worldwide.

Verve Travel curates events across more than 75 destinations, with a network of over 15,000 student representatives.

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